Last News

  • 2 May
  • Dear Collectors,
    with a spirit of positivity and a gaze projected towards the future, to which we will adapt precisely to ensure continuity, we want to communicate our presence for the next sales season, dedicated to modern and contemporary art.
    The chosen date is Thursday 18th June 2020, in which a careful selection of works will be proposed in order to enrich your collections!


  • 3 Apr
  • Dear Collectors, 

    in consideration of the current situation involving our Country and beyond, the next auction scheduled for May 12th-13th 2020 will be necessarily postponed, as there are no preconditions for a regular course that usually distinguishes us, such as the creation and distribution of the catalog, exhibition of the works, auction in the hall .... etc.

    The first thought is addressed to all of our Country, to those who are assisting us in the front line, to those who, like us, stay at home to try to help themselves and others, to those who are fighting against this invisible enemy and to those who unfortunately are been won.

    At the moment we do not know when the auction sale can be rescheduled, if already at the end of June (hopefully!) or September, however we hope to give you updates on our business as soon as possible and to say "it's all over".

    Best wishes,

    See you soon,

    Andrea Poleschi

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  • Tuesday-Friday 09:30-13:30/15:00-19:00
  • Saturday by appointment
  • Sunday CLOSED